Oct 9th 2019

Ryan went above and beyond in getting our mortgage together. Couldn't be happier with how it went. Can't recommend enough!

Peter G.

I highly recommend Spin Mortgage. Steve and Bonnie were both very patient, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Every step in the process was transparent, straight forward and easy to follow. Us, as customers, being located outside the Lower Mainland didn't complicated any of the communications, as all their tools were accessible online.

Ryan made everything super easy and was very accommodating! Also found me a rate lower than anything i saw advertised. Highly recommend!

A friend recommended Steve to handle my new mortgage and said just reach out for a second opinion. I had already been pre-approved with a lender and I was about to just go down that route with the bank that handles all my other banking. I thought it was the best rate I could get in this market. Steve came back with a much better rate and terms that beat my financial goals for this mortgage. Extremely impressed with the online operation of Spin Mortgage where they can do everything via email to ensure efficient and effective service. Previously I had to print, sign and scan back forms with mortgage brokers, but not with Spin. Everything was done through their secure document upload and anything that required signing was e-signed. I will be recommending Spin in the future and using them again for my mortgage needs.

As a first time home buyer, Spin mortgage made the whole process really easy. Ryan was a big help and answered any questions I had right away. I would definitely recommend Ryan and Spin Mortgage.

My experience with Spin Mortgage was overwhelmingly positive. Ryan was hard-working, efficient, and very easy to deal with. We had to act fast with my purchase, and Ryan got it done. I would definitely use Spin again.

Sep 3rd 2019

A neighbour referred me to Ryan at Spin Mortgage. He did a great job and I'm very glad I did business with him. He's very knowledgeable, friendly, and quick. I asked lots of questions, probably more than necessary because I was nervous and this was my first house mortgage. He was very professional, understanding, and walked me through all the steps, including all the new rules etc. What more can I say? It was a pleasure doing business with him! Thanks again, Ryan!

Steve and Bonnie were very helpful in negotiating a mortgage for me on a short timeline. They were friendly and responsive throughout the entire process. There was one hiccup during the process but Steve responded right away despite being on vacation and resolved it quickly.

Both of the times I have used Spin Mortgage I have found the business to be knowledgeable, proficient, and refreshingly reliable. I highly recommend this professional team!

I was referred to Spin Mortgage by a colleague. I am very satisfied with my experience at Spin mortgage with what is my first mortgage experience as a first time home buyer. Bonnie and Jeff were prompt, professional, courteous, helpful, friendly, and on top of everything. I received a better mortgage than what was offered by my credit union. I Highly recommend Spin Mortgage!

Bonnie and Jeff were great. We were down to the wire and they came through, over a long weekend. If you want excellent care and service they're the way to go

Working with Ryan for obtaining a mortgage for our first property and now our second has been an amazing experience. He really put his all into making sure our mortgage was taken care of in a timely manner. He got us amazing and competitive rates, was prompt and clear with his communication, and was an overall pleasure to work with. In future real estate investments I will for sure be going to Ryan at Spin Mortgage.

Spin Mortgage is a great firm and I would recommend them to anyone buying a property. We worked with Ryan who was very knowledgeable, efficient, and took the time to explain different potential mortgage scenarios to suit our needs. He was readily available by phone or email throughout our mortgage application process and found us great interest rates. Thank you Ryan!!

Jun 19th 2019

Professional and efficient - my two favourite things

Bonnie and Jeff are an absolute pleasure to work with and incredibly knowledgeable. It was a long process for us to find just the right home and daunting due to my self-employment, with no shortage of questions for them along the way, they were patient, understanding and most importantly, allowed us to purchase our dream home, we can’t thank them enough and highly recommend them!

Steve and Bonnie have been such a pleasure to work with. They are professional, efficient, responsive and have found us the best rates. This is the 4th or 5th time that we have worked with them, and will continue to do so!

Steve and Bonnie were amazing throughout the purchase of my new home. They were able to get very competitive rates (actually better) and were very knowledgeable about the terms and details of each offer. Each time I requested something or had questions, they were very quick to get back to me with clear information. I never had to follow-up on anything with them, they were always on top of things. Overall, I was very happy working with them and would not hesitate giving them a shout in the future. Cheers!


Steve and his team helped me out of a jam, couldn't have been happier with their services. Professional and prompt, and got me an excellent rate. Highly recommend using their services.

As a realtor, I've recommended many clients to Spin Mortgage and received a lot of positive feedback. For my own purchase, I used them as well and experienced first hand their professionalism, quick turnaround and great communication. They conduct their business how I conduct my business, and they are now my go-to for mortgage recommendations. Thanks, Jeff and Ryan for making the process easy and painless!

Spin has helped us with our last 4 mortgages, I wouldn't go anywhere else. The process was simple, they handle all the work and provided us with exactly the information we needed, no confusion. We have always had amazing rates and good advice!

Feb 20th 2019

Very thorough, professional, and efficient as always. Our fourth or fifth transaction with them.

Jeff was phenomenal to work with and always readily available for any questions. His updates were prompt, clear and thorough. 100% recommend Jeff to do your mortgage or refi.

Working with Spin Mortgage as first time buyers we were amazed at how knowledgeable and supportive they were. They gave us great advice and anticipated next steps so nothing felt rushed or was missed on our part. It felt like a team effort to get our dream house and we couldn’t be more thankful. Highly recommend.

I highly recommend using Spin Mortgage. It was my first time getting a mortgage and I'm very glad I went with Spin. They were fast, professional, and easy to deal with. I dealt with Ryan and he was great. He was super helpful with everything and always easy to get a hold of whenever I had any questions.

I highly recommend using Spin Mortgage. I dealt with Ryan and he was very helpful and professional. I would definitely use them again.

I approached Spin Mortgage to 'refinance' (my present house) in order to purchase a new house - a tough approval in today's strict lending criteria. My bank (one of the 5 big banks) could not, nor could another local mortgage broker. Spin undertook my case. They had barely 4 weeks before 'closing'. They understood the time crunch and moved swiftly without wasting time. They got both approvals on time. I owe them a lot. Ryan who I worked with is fantastic. Highly recommend Spin to anyone. Look no further. You will not disappoint.

We worked with Ryan and Steve on renewing our mortgage. They were proactive in reaching out to us to take advantage of lower rates and responsive in answering the questions we had leading up to the renewal. Although we ran into a few hiccups due to some new rules on the lender's side, Ryan was very helpful and reached out to the lender immediately to ensure the issues were resolved as quickly as possible.

Ryan is a top notch broker. He was incredibly patient and professional during the whole process and got us an amazing deal on our mortgage. Don't go to the bank for a mortgage. Call Ryan--he'll save you a ton of money (and headaches).

We have worked with Steve Pipkey when we bought our first place in 2007 and we went back again in 2017. He was quick in getting back to us and provided us with different options. We were also super impressed with the underwriter, Simon Cheng, as he was right there by our side, every step of the way! He literally helped us with anything we needed... even when we had issues with the notary. I highly recommend Spin Mortgage as they have been consistent in providing great customer service and of course finding good mortgage rates!

Worked with Spin to get our first mortgage ever! They were helpful and got us the best rates out of the several mortgage brokers we used. Would definitely recommend.

Fantastic group. Very helpful through the ups and downs of buying a house. Would use over and over again and would recommend to anyone. Thanks, guys!

Excellent. Very quick and took the time to explain all of our options.

Great experience working with Spin. Highly knowledgeable and very helpful!

Jeff at Spin Mortgage was one of the easiest people to work with. This was our third mortgage and I shopped around, but he found us the best rate and was the most pleasant to deal with. He is knowledgeable, honest, and easy to correspond with. He went above and beyond for us and continues to help us work towards buying a secondary Property. Thanks, Spin Mortgage!

Sep 18th 2018

I can’t imagine dealing with any other mortgage broker. The entire online process they use was so intuitive. Jeff was professional, friendly, honest and VERY knowledgeable.

The experience to renew my mortgage was amazing. Provided all documents online and even don't have to go for signing the documents and a mobile attorney came home to get the paperwork and id's verification The team is professional and I like to recommend this for my friends and family.

A fantastic group of people to work with. I haven’t hesitated to send any of my friends/family to the folks at Spin Mortgage

The Spin Mortgage team is extremely professional and efficient. They took care of our mortgage needs and made sure to give us the best possible rate. Steve and the team honoured their quote even though the bank raised the rate slightly. We also appreciated the electronic communications which reduced unnecessary travel. If you need a mortgage, Spin is the place to go! You will not be disappointed!

Used them for our original mortgage and our renewal and both times they easily beat the bank's offerings, along with making the whole process painless. They're happy to sit through my multiple scenarios and work out what would be best for me. Highly recommended!

My first mortgage experience. I didn't have to meet anyone in person, everything was phone and email and it went incredibly smoothly. These guys are on top of their game, I felt looked after the entire time.

Being a first-time home buyer I was unsure of how the process worked and the steps involved. Ryan and Jeff were great and on top of everything making sure everything was completed on time and as good as possible. They also were great at answering every question we had. Overall it was an excellent experience and I’d recommend to anyone.

Great service, and friendly. Very helpful!

Steve at Spin Mortgage went above and beyond, can't praise them enough.

I purchased my first house in 2005, and it was all a mystery to me. Steve was recommended as a mortgage broker I could work with, and he has been my go-to professional ever since. He has shepherded me through 3 renewals and has moved, at least from my perspective, mountains on my behalf. I would always recommend Steve's services with no reservations.

This was my first time working with Spin Mortgage and they worked very hard at getting me my mortgage at the best rate, they were all very friendly and always helpful with any questions I had. I would certainly recommend them.

Very helpful team!

This is the 3rd time we've used Spin for a new mortgage! Jeff, Ryan, Bonnie and Steve have helped us greatly over the years and we'll continue to use them for years to come. They were happy to answer all our questions and concerns and always gave us the best advice to set ourselves up for success. I highly recommend using Spin if you want to get the best service and mortgage you possibly can.

Very happy with the service I received. Would recommend and use again.

Great service, quick and responsive to all my questions. I highly recommend Spin Mortgage.

They made my complicated purchase look easy. Thank you so much.

I've arranged mortgages with Steve, Jeff and Bonnie twice now and both times I've had friendly, professional and prompt service in addition to honest advice and guidance. Excellent people to deal who diligently seek out the best deals every time.

I had a complicated purchase situation that required a lot of time and effort from Steve at Spin Mortgage. Despite me changing my needs more than once, Steve remained patient throughout the process. He explored options with various lenders and got me an excellent rate, enabling my purchase. Steve was easy to reach by email and phone, and quick to reassure me and explain terminology that I didn't understand in some of the bank's mortgage documentation. Highly recommended!

Very impressed by Jeff and Bonnie - great experience as a first-time home buyer. Highly recommend their expertise!

Hats off to Jeff Mark and the team. Came up for renewal this year and, concerned about rising rates, I contacted Jeff in February. He locked me in at the rates that were current then, which I could never have gotten from the bank I was using if I'd have waited until the end of the term. In addition to doing all the paperwork and leaving me with nothing more complicated to do than sign on the dotted line, Spin did not charge me a dime because brokers get their commission from the lender.

Best rate I can find on the market and great customer service!

Spin Mortgage is Awesome! They got me a great rate and made it all so easy! Thanks Steve and Bonnie!

The service from Spin Mortgage is second to none. Jeff and Bonnie are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They put together a great proposal in no time and made sure I understood the entire process. I have no hesitation recommending Spin Mortgage.

Spin Mortgage was simply great to deal with. They made it a super easy and enjoyable process in helping us get financing for our first mortgage.

Steve Pipkey and the rest of the staff at Spin have been phenomenal in taking care of our needs and finding us the best options out there. Would highly recommend Spin Mortgage to all!

We can only describe the service from Jeff and Bonnie at Spin Mortgage as top class. From the very beginning Jeff was excellent in learning about our situation, what we wanted to achieve, and working with us to get the best mortgage options available to us. The process was smooth and seamless. When my fiance and I started to get anxious about any phase of the process and bombard Jeff with questions and worst case scenarios, he was truly the voice of calm and reason to keep us on the right track and relieve any nerves. Bonnie was excellent and efficient at processing our documents and the perfect link person between the bank and ourselves. We'd highly recommend Spin Mortgage to anybody thinking of buying a home.

Having just completed my third mortgage with three different lenders and three distinctly unique situations with Spin Mortgage - I can confidently say that Jeff and team have addressed every one of my questions with a comprehensive response custom-suited to my requirements. From alleviating unwarranted financial institution burden (in-person meetings, unnecessary waits, etc.) to providing input on the media noise around interest rates - Spin took away the financial complexities and allowed my wife and I to comfortably shop for a home.

I definitely recommend Jeff and the guys at Spin! Not only are they prompt and professional, but friendly and knowledgeable to boot. Jeff lead us through organizing our finances in a way that ensured us the mortgage we wanted, at the best rate available. We are so grateful for his expertise!

I would absolutely recommend Jeff and the guys at Spin! Not only are they prompt and professional, but friendly and knowledgeable to boot. Jeff lead us through organizing our finances in a way that ensured us the mortgage we wanted, at the best rate available. We are so grateful for his expertise!

Our dream of owning a house became a reality because of Jeff from spin mortgage. I have nothing but great experience with this process. He answers your questions and approaches you with practicality, Professionalism, promptness, and approachability. He not only speaks on your behalf but also tries to find the best outcome and rate. Thank you, Jeff.

Advise by Steve was excellent. Even it took us several emails to decide, he was very patient and helpful when we finally locked for 2 yrs fixed in June 2016.

Couldn't be happier with the service. Prompt, personal, and effective. Thanks!

An amazing experience as a first-time home buyer. Quite literally the best mortgage broker we’ve ever dealt with. Professional, prompt, and personable.

This was my first time dealing with Spin Mortgage at the recommendation of my Realtor. I was becoming frustrated with how long it was taking the bank to get back to me and it seemed like they didn't really care about getting my business. After my first discussion with Jeff, I knew I found my guy. Jeff was responding to emails well into the late evening hours and the same happened once the rest of the team took over. These guys made it so easy and I never had to go in for a meeting and could do everything from digital. For a father of 4 with a busy work life, this really helped my family. Great work guys... I will recommend you to anyone I know looking for a mortgage!

Jeff and the team at Spin Mortgage we're introduced to me as the best in the business and I can see why! I was astounded at their tenacity, knowledge, and speed to get my refinancing done on a tight schedule. I would recommend them to anybody!

Incredibly responsive and I ended up with a great mortgage rate. I have no hesitation in recommending Spin Mortgage to anyone looking to get the best rate and to deal with absolute professionals.

I was shopping around for mortgage lenders for my new condo purchase when I came across Spin Mortgage while searching for brokers online. This was my first property purchase so I didn't really shop around and just locked in with my bank for a 120 day hold. A month and a half before I took possession I started to do more research on mortgage rates. Which is how I stumbled upon Spin Mortgage. At the time mortgage rates had just gone up and Spin Mortgage was able to offer me a low rate, but my bank was able to match because I had actually locked in before the rates went up. Ultimately I didn't go with Spin Mortgage, but it was not because of Jeff or anyone at Spin. I entered my phone number to their website for more information and I got a call from Jeff within the hour to let me know what documents they needed from me. After that initial contact Jeff was always quick to respond to my calls/emails and answer any questions that I had. Once I sent them all the information they asked for, they had an appraiser lined up in a couple days. I didn't respond in a timely matter because I was waiting for my bank to get back to me so that I could compare rates, but when I finally responded Jeff was quick to answer my emails. Even after I told them I was going with someone else, Jeff still had some follow ups for me to make sure I was really getting the best deal. Although I didn't go with Spin for my mortgage, I will definitely contact them again when it's time for my renewal. Their customer service is great and everything can be done online. Don't make the same mistake I made. If you are reading this review, you are already on the right track. Just make the call to Spin and your whole mortgage process will go smoothly and any questions you have will be answered quickly and professionally.

There is nothing but gratitude towards these dedicated and skillful group of people at Spin Mortgage. They were able to help us fulfill our dreams in spite of the fact that we found ourselves in a difficult and complicated condition, but thanks to them we are able to say that we are home owners! We are beyond thankful to this amazing team and would highly recommend them. Super responsive, friendly, and organized way of working, loved it!

Steve and Spin Mortgage were fantastic in getting, and updating, our mortgage. A number of date changes were no trouble for Spin and I could always count on them to quickly answer questions by email or phone. Highly recommended!

This is the second time I am getting a mortgage through these guys and must say that they are excellent and provide the best rates available. Will definitely go back to them and recommend to others!

I have nothing but the utmost appreciation and gratitude for Spin Mortgage and especially, Steve Pipkey’s and The Spin Mortgage Team help in getting my first mortgage approved for my first new home in the lower mainland, BC. They both worked so hard and efficiently in a tight time crunch to get the job done. And Steve (and Spin Mortgage) is also someone who is not only a true professional but also has a lot of integrity where he wants only to look out for the best interest of each client. He wants to ensure, that any home buyer is not put into a position of becoming “house poor” for where they are unable to afford their monthly costs just for the sake of owning a home. That, I really appreciated about Spin Mortgage where the best interest of the client was more important than their pocket books. And they were always available to answer any questions I had or when I needed any information day or night, weekday or weekend. And on top of that, they found me an excellent rate in order to make my monthly costs manageable. Also, Steve helped me to find a superstar real estate agent when the one I was using was not quite working out for my needs. And through this superstar of an agent combined with a superstar of a mortgage brokerage such as Spin Mortgage, I was able to find my new home. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for the good fortune of having Spin Mortgage help me. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for helping me!


These guys are the best. Attentive, supportive, and committed to customer service. Thank you, we are LOVING our new house!

Jul 7th 2017

These guys are the best. Attentive, supportive, and committed to customer service. Thank you, we are LOVING our new house!

Jordan D.

The spin team was referred to us for the purchase of our first house and they were great to work with from start to finish. Their response time and attention to detail made a real difference (Spin caught an error in a contract from a lender and we were able to have it fixed that day). They went above and beyond the scope of a mortgage broker, helping coordinate every aspect of the process and giving us advice along the way when we had questions about entering the real estate market as first-time buyers. Right from the beginning, Spin knew the details of our file and was incredibly organized, responsive and a pleasure to deal with.

We couldn't be more thrilled with the professionalism and dedication the team at Spin gave to us. This was the biggest purchase in our lives and both Jeff & Spin made sure that we were comfortable with every step! Love you guys.

Spin was the third mortgage company I dealt with, and I wish now I had gone to them first. I found the team really easy to deal with, they were specific about what they needed from me and worked hard to get my approval on time. I would not hesitate to recommend Spin Mortgage to anyone. Thanks, guys!

Steve and Spin are very professional and knowledgeable. As a first time home buyer, I received so much helpful information and professional suggestion with a mortgage. The service of them is superb! Will refer friends to spin for sure!

I was referred to Spin Mortgages by my daughter and son-in-law who decided to use them after a long research. They offer the best mortgage available and provide excellent service. They made the process smooth and replied to any inquiries promptly, professionally and in detail, providing me as a first-time mortgage taker with very valuable information. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a mortgage. Thank you, Steve and Ryan, for making a stressful process much easier.

I have known Jeff for a long time and know him to be hardworking, dedicated and honest and that is what he and the Spin Mortgage team exemplify. I had a fantastic experience working with Jeff and the Spin Mortgage team. My wife and I had been searching for our first home for over a year and the Spin Mortgage team where there to assist all along the way. Once we finally landed on a home, we had a very short turnaround on our possession/closing date. Spin Mortgage knocked it out of the park with a great rate and completed all the documentation needed in short order. Thanks again guys!

Apr 6th 2017

Great service and great mortgage rates, just did my second mortgage with this crew and I'd do the next one, too.

I could not recommend Spin enough. I worked with Jeff Mark and he was extremely friendly and pleasant to deal with, while completely professional and thorough. Very responsive (at virtually any hour) and communicated very clearly - either when explaining details to me, or explaining what they needed from me. Go with Spin - you won't be sorry.

If it wasn’t for these Spin Mortgage guys, I probably wouldn’t be writing this from my first house in Canada. Having arrived here no longer than a year, my wife and I decided to buy a house. As the current turbulent house market is not great for many out there, for us it was a bit tougher considering all the factors (recently landed, not a long credit history). However, Jeff and Spin Mortgage were FANTASTIC! They understood our circumstances and worked hard to get us both best rate and product which would fit our needs. Thank you very much. Absolutely Recommended!

I was referred to Spin by a good friend who sourced his mortgage with them for his house in Vancouver, and could not have been happier with the professionalism and service. This was our first mortgage and in addition to the super helpful information on their website, Spin Mortgage walked us through everything step by step to make sure we got the best mortgage for us. The whole team at Spin have really figured out the best way to deliver the lowest rates and best mortgages. They were always super responsive and accommodating with us while our deal had several months of delays. Highly recommend Spin and will tell all my friends who are in the market.

I was referred to Spin by a good friend who sourced his mortgage with them for his house in Vancouver, and could not have been happier with the professionalism and service. This was our first mortgage and in addition to the super helpful information on their website, Spin walked us through everything step by step to make sure we got the best mortgage for us. The whole team at Spin have really figured out the best way to deliver the lowest rates and best mortgages. They were always super responsive and accommodating with us while our deal had several months of delays. Highly recommend Spin and will tell all my friends who are in the market.

Great rates, great service, couldn't have asked for more.

I recently worked with Steve Pipkey to help me with the daunting task of choosing a mortgage. I was considering many different housing options, so my situation was not straight forward, and Steve diligently worked to find products that best suited my needs for each scenario. He also made an effort to explain all the terms and fine print of each. Steve thoroughly analyzed my situation, considered various lenders and strategies, and was able to find me unbelievably competitive rates! Best of all he was great to talk to, genuine and super responsive. I would highly recommend Steve as a mortgage broker!

Oct 13th 2016

People who work at Spin Mortgage go above and beyond to get your needs met. I dealt with Jeff and The Spin Mortgage Team, and these guys made all impossibles possible. My lawyer admitted that she had never heard of the level of service I received to get a mortgage approved and funded within 5 business days. Jeff started working on my case when I reached out to him on a Friday night after I realized I couldn't work with my first mortgage broker. Jeff spent his weekend working on my case until continued to supervise and contact different lenders to find one who could fund my mortgage in 5 days. I would've gone through a lot of headaches like losing my payment and paying for sellers residence fees till I close if it wasn't for Spin Mortgage. Spin saved me for sure, and I can't thank them enough. I recommend Spin Mortgage to whoever is in the market looking for professional, decent, and good rate service. Thanks!

Spin Mortgage was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and helpful as we went through the refinancing of our mortgage. They ensured that we understood every step of the process and was in constant communication with us as we went through the somewhat complicated process during a very busy time. I would highly recommend working with the Spin Mortgage team.

Jeff and his team make a very stressful process easy and seemingly stress-free. Jeff is always available to go through all of the papers and documents and explain everything that is happening and that has been done in details. We would and will recommend Jeff to anyone that is thinking about buying property as we believe Jeff will provide them with the best products for their needs that will fit their lifestyle! A big thank you from our family!

Our situation was a bit complicated, and these guys handled it with professionalism and obvious experience and were very timely on top of all that. Our family is truly appreciative of their help. Thanks, Jeff!

I just closed on my new property this past Tuesday. A huge thank you to Ryan & all involved for helping me to understand the process of buying a new home. Very professional, patient & understanding. Ryan answered any question that I had & worked very hard to make things happen. I would definitely recommend Ryan Araujo & The Spin Mortgage team! Thanks again for all your hard work!

Steve got me the A-Class service. Although they are located in Vancouver, I didn't feel for second any concern here at Mississauga. Very prompt in response and ready to take on even your minuscule concern regarding mortgage with utmost sincerity and professionalism.

I trust Spin mortgage to deal with any mortgage-related dealings. Steve and Spin have been exceptional to deal with. They are the only company I can recommend when it comes to mortgages.

Aug 16th 2016

It’s the second time I’ve gone to Steve for a mortgage; the first time being 10 years ago after I newly immigrated to Canada. This time I had the challenge of being self-employed and Steve worked with this and was able to not only secure a mortgage but at an excellent rate. With all the complexities and challenges of buying, both Steve and the Spin Mortgage Team would get back to me very quickly and were very supportive in providing advice, going above and beyond to help me make the purchase. I think most people underestimate how important it is to have a good mortgage advisor but it affects not just rates, but also can mean the difference in closing or be losing a purchase. I strongly recommend the Spin Team to anyone for their excellent knowledge and customer service.

Steve was friendly and professional and we are extremely happy with using first national for our first mortgage. Would definitely recommend working with them for others.

Jeff recently helped us renew our mortgage and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Jeff took our needs into consideration to get an awesome mortgage rate for us. Dealing with him was great - Jeff is pleasant, knowledgeable and totally client-focused! We had tons of questions at all hours, emails and calls were always answered completely in a timely manner (even after hours). A big shout out to Ryan who also worked really hard for us. Thanks, guys!

I worked with Steve on 3 deals this past couple of months. They are knowledgeable, reliable, professional, and true experts in their industry. My financing situation was complicated but Steve took the time to explain and come up with solutions. They were in constant contact throughout, even pushing things to the finish line when things got bumpy on the closing date. I'll be working with them on any future transactions and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

I used Spin on a recommendation from my financial advisor. I contacted Steve on several occasions, and he always replied promptly – often by telephone. The information I received was timely, helped me as a first-time home buyer understand the process and provided a level of comfort that I didn’t think would have been possible when buying a home. It was nice to feel that all of my questions and concerns were valid, which isn’t always the case when dealing with some service providers. There was a minor hiccup with the bank (didn’t contact me to sign paperwork), Spin sorted it out quickly and kept me informed during that process. The fact that they’re not “typical” bankers/finance guys makes the people at Spin very approachable and easy to deal with. I would happily recommend Spin to anyone who needs a mortgage.

As first time home buyers, we were freaking clueless about the mortgage approval process. Jeff & Ryan answered a ton of questions and didn't once make us feel bad for the influx. They are smart, customer service obsessed, insanely responsive and in our opinion, the best in the biz. If you're keen to get the best rate, coupled with the best service, reach out to them! We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with them and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future.

I have nothing but good things to say about Spin. Jeff and Ryan were so good to deal with and they made everything incredibly easy for us. They always answered our (many!) questions quickly and professionally. Our most recent house purchase was a lot less stressful than our previous purchases, thanks to them. You guys are rad, and I will recommend you to everyone.

Jun 16th 2016

Thank you, Steve and Spin Mortgage. We appreciate your promptness and professionalism. It has been seamless working with you! I’ve held several properties & mortgages over the years and I’m very impressed with your company from the first contact to completion.

We had always got our mortgages directly through the bank, but this time we went with Spin and we had incredible service. They were professional and very easy to deal with. We'd 100% recommend them to anyone looking to get a mortgage.

Professional service. I was working with Spin and I was able to communicate with them even after hours. They would also respond to my e-mails right away. Great service in general.

Ryan is awesome!! Very helpful and patient throughout the long vetting process with the lender. Not to mention the awesome rate Steve was able to offer me, much lower than anywhere else, even other brokers. Best of all everything is done electronically, makes things a lot more flexible. I would definitely recommend you give Spin a shot and see what they can do for you.

Mortgages can be complicated by the different restrictions, terms etc. The team at Spin not only got us a great rate but also ensured we were getting the proper mortgage for our life and plans. They asked questions, recommended suitable products and explained any terms and restrictions so there couldn't be any surprises down the road. This was very important to us as being put in the wrong mortgage can quickly cost more money down the road than any possible savings on the rate. Steve & Jeff were knowledgeable, prompt and professional which made the process very easy. Prior to using Spin I went through a bank I used to work for and Spin was able to offer a rate that was .2% lower than the banks best rate (which adds up to a lot of money). Not only that, they got us a mortgage that was less restrictive then what the bank was offering. We were able to complete everything over the phone and email which was very convenient and efficient. Your time would be well spent to give these guys a call even if you already have looked at a few options.

Ryan Araujo is the man. He made us feel completely at ease while he worked with us and was always a quick call or email away. Save your time looking around, Spin has the best rates in the businesses. I move around a lot in my job and will be planning on using Spin again in the future.

Professional service with great rate and terms. My Accountant had recommended.

Jun 8th 2016

Very straight forward and easy to deal with. Thanks to all of you for making the process so stress-free!

We left our mortgage renewal a bit late, which had me worried at first. Once I contacted Spin Mortgage, Steve put my mind at ease and guided us easily through all the steps to select a new mortgage and get it set up on time. The guys were very friendly and responsive.

A big thank you to Steve and the rest of the Spin team for all of their efforts! They really do focus on their clients best interests. This is my second time using them and would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone I know!

Very impressed with the Spin Mortgage Group! They were quick, professional, and efficient. Helped us get the mortgage we needed for our dream house. We definitely recommend them!

J-knee L.

A good friend referred my wife and I to Spin. We didn't know what to expect at first due to Spin Mortgages online base business but we thought we would give them a try. After following the step by step website application and once all of our necessary documents were sent in, we received our rate. I couldn't believe that we were able to get rates as low as we did based on our experience with other brokers. The Owner Jeff and his team were great! We had some interaction with them throughout the process and it only reassured us that we were being well taken care of. I have nothing but great things to say about these guys and will be recommending them to anyone and everyone. I recommend you give them a try, you wont regret it!

This is the 2nd house we've used Jeff and he always found us the best rate and took the time to review all the details with us. I always recommend him to anyone who's interested in a mortgage. Super happy with Spin!

Excellent service, friendly approach and very timely communication. Steve recently assisted us with a new mortgage and we will definitely be in touch with our future projects. Thank you!

May 10th 2016

Steve and Spin are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We will DEFINITELY refer them to our family and friends. Thanks!!

Spin was great to deal with. They found an excellent rate for us and were very efficient and quick. They were quick to respond with helpful information if we had questions. Overall, they made the experience of obtaining mortgage financing very painless. I would highly recommend Spin to others.

Steve and Spin Mortgage are very helpful in assisting me with my first home purchase. Answers questions and provide updates promptly.

We heard about Spin through our real estate agent and we have been nothing but impressed with them. Not only did they get us an excellent rate (about 0.2% better than the next best we had been quoted), but their knowledge, expertise and customer service was exemplary. Whenever we had questions or when we were looking for guidance they were prompt and detailed in their responses and they always seemed to be available (no matter days or times). They really worked magic on pulling out all the stops on our subject removal day, keeping someone at the lender's office until 6.45pm on a Friday to get everything signed! We have already recommended Steve and Spin to a number of people who are looking for mortgages! Thanks again to you both!

Jeff at Spin got me the best rates, even better than my own bank. I was able to stick with TD but somehow they negotiated an even better rate then was TD was able to offer. Saved me lots of money, the process was simple and customer service was top notch! I will not go anywhere else.

Extremely impressed from start to finish with Spin. Not only did they have the most competitive terms - their responsiveness, professionalism, and patience really wowed me. We were never left doubting what was next or worried we wouldn't get a clear answer.Highly recommend them for a mortgage - They really set the bar for online-based mortgage brokers.

Steve and his team have advised me on both an original mortgage and a refinance and the experience has been great. Excellent strategic counsel, extremely responsive, no-nonsense - and a great rate both times. During the refinance we had an agreement in place at a good rate, but Steve held out as he thought he could get me an even better rate - and he did. He could have done the original deal and moved on but instead continued working to find something better. It's rare (and gratifying) to see the customer's interest truly being made the priority. Big thanks to Steve, highly recommend the Spin team.

Feb 23rd 2016

I’ve done a both a purchase and refinance with SPIN mortgage over the last couple years and the experience was great. Excellent rates and service, the staff was very knowledgeable and didn’t waste time. I’d highly recommend their service.

Great, hassle-free experience. Excellent service, timely responses and overall a pleasant company. Their forward-thinking digital approach certainly more appealing than dealing with any traditional banking institution.

Jeff is a great guy, an even better mortgage advisor! One-stop shop for everything you need to know about mortgage!

Best rate I could find and quick answers to my questions. Thanks, guys.

Steve has been writing up my mortgages for years now. ALWAYS the best rate. ALWAYS. Never go anywhere else.

I sincerely appreciated Jeff's willingness to call me immediately when I had questions about the mortgage. He was excellent at explaining aspects of the products and transactions that we didn't understand and was extremely patient, even when we were asking the "dumb" questions. I would recommend Jeff and his Spin team.

Jeff & Steve were great to work with! It was a speedy process to get approved and purchase our first home at a great rate and term. I would definitely use them for future real estate purchases!

Dec 12th 2015

I just got a mortgage through SPIN on a house purchased in Victoria. There were multiple offers on the property and they were able to turn everything around in one day so that I could get the place. It was a very easy, seamless process and they answered all my questions on the spot and were super knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking for a mortgage.

Jeff, Mark and Spin Mortgage are great mortgage advisers. My wife and I were on a tight timeline to lock down a townhouse in Vancouver and Spin provided excellent support along the way. At first, I was nervous that Spin does all their work on the phone and through email (instead of in person), but we were never left without an answer and felt supported through the whole home-buying experience. Simply put, their business model means you get a wicked rate! We worked hard to earn great credit over many years and felt we should be rewarded for that. Spin believes the same thing and they got us a rate that reflected our hard work. If you're looking for the best rate and good quality mortgages, don't waste your time, just connect with these guys. Done.

I spent over two weeks trying to get a new mortgage set up with TD. The lack of competence of their mortgage representatives meant a slow turnaround that almost cost us the deal. I reached out to Steve at Spin and within 24 hours we had our mortgage at a much better rate. Next time I’ll skip the bank, and go directly to Spin Mortgage and save myself a lot of frustration!

The Spin Team is fantastic. Quick and to the point. If you know what you want to do they will find a way to make it happen. Highly recommend the Spin Team.

My husband and I recently retired and moved from Calgary to Victoria. We sold our house there and wanted to buy a new one here but didn't quite have enough money to buy it outright. We needed to apply for a small mortgage to complete the deal but weren't sure who to go to for advice. A friend in Calgary recommended Spin mortgage team, so we went to their website and found it to be User friendly answering all of our questions. We called Jeff who explained everything clearly and completed our mortgage quickly and efficiently with an excellent type and rate for the term we wanted. We are happily enjoying retirement in our new home with no financial worries. We would recommend Spin to any of our contacts, whether younger or older like us. Chris and Woody

The guys at Spin made getting my first mortgage a breeze and got me an awesome rate! They were very friendly and knowledgeable compared to some of the other brokers I talked to. They were quick to respond to all my questions (there were a lot). I’ll definitely be using them again when I need to renew my mortgage and would highly recommend. Thanks again guys!

I happened upon Spin Mortgage while googling 'Lowest Mortgage Rates in Canada'. I found some sites with rate comparisons. However, as I was working my way through the list, I happened upon a Toronto news article about a company who caused a stir on comparison sites by offering rates too low-rates others couldn't beat. I contacted them, got a great deal and had a smooth and transparent experience. Steve and Jeff were very prompt in responding to questions via email and worked hard to find me the best possible deal. I have another mortgage at a higher rate that I go year to year on. I will definitely be farming it out to them when it is due for renewal!

Oct 27th 2015

Jeff and his team were responsive and knowledgeable and got the job done efficiently. But what most impressed me was their continuing high standard of communication and responsiveness after the mortgage closed.

Jeff and his team were great to deal with prompt, courteous service and excellent advice. We also got a great mortgage (rate and terms) with minimal time invested. I would definitely recommend Spin Mortgage to friends and family.

Great service and the best rate by far of any lenders/brokers I talked to.

Spin Mortgage helped us with 2 out of 3 mortgages. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Jeff and Steve are incredibly knowledgeable and responded to any questions or concerns promptly. They were super professional and had excellent contacts with various lenders to help us secure the best rates both times. I will hands down use them for every mortgage in the future!

While shopping around for rates when my mortgage came for renewal, I was referred to Spin Mortgage. Although they were able to offer better rates than what I was quoted by my bank, they advised that I renew through the bank. Reason being that the initial mortgage was a collateral mortgage and there would be additional legal costs involved. To see such transparency and the idea of putting clients interest ahead of ones own and enforcing it, was refreshing. I will recommend these guys without any reservation. Not only will they provide the best rates and service, they will also keep your interest foremost.

Knowledgeable and friendly with the best rates. Highly recommend.

Fast, Accurate, Courteous, Knowledgeable and Result Oriented. Best guys around to help you handle the financial monster.

Oct 1st 2015

This was my first purchase for a condo and I was entirely new to how the mortgage works. Steve and Spin Mortgage, made it a breeze on my application and approval from start to end. They're after hour prompt response and guidance were fabulous. I would not know how everything would have worked without them. I would refer anyone I know that requires a mortgage to go to them. When I didn't know what my next steps were after my mortgage completion, they guided me, e-mailed my lawyers, and reassured me. Prompt and helpful! And takes the extra mile for their clients! Cheers! And thank you again!

We chose Spin based on a stellar recommendation from a good friend, and we're glad we followed his suggestion. The service is great and because they focus on doing business on-line (email, website, etc.) and by phone, it saved on having to get around town to make appointments or do paperwork. We did everything electronically and on-line. Everything went smoothly and easily - almost on automatic. We got a great rate, too boot.

Thank you, Spin Mortgage for giving me the ability to buy a house! I heard of these folks through a friend of mine. I jumped through the hoops the banks gave me and still did not get their better rates. Spin told me what the current best rates available were and what I was able to get with my finances, no BS. You have nothing to lose by giving these guys a try. From my experience, they were straightforward, easy to deal with, and best of all honest. Highly recommended! Thank you, Spin!

The team at Spin Mortgage took care of all of our needs throughout our home purchase and the service was extraordinary! During the whole process, they walked us through every step, making sure we had a good understanding of everything. We could tell that they always had our best interest and that the options they offered were based on their understanding of our needs. The guidance provided made it a very comfortable experience and made us confident about all of our decisions. They were organized and always checked up on us to make sure that everything was completed ahead of time. Communication with them was exceptional, they were very responsive and clear. I would not be considering anyone else for my mortgage and have been recommending them to all of my family and friends!

As a top selling Realtor, I can attest that Jeff, Steve and the team at Spin Mortgage are the best in the business. You can trust that you are getting the best rates, great advice, fastest response and amazing customer service. They are the #1 broker I recommend to my clients.

I have been working as a Realtor and real estate Broker for nearly ten years. I refer all of my buying clients to Jeff Mark and his team at Spin Mortgage. In addition, I trust them with all of my personal mortgage servicing needs. Years ago, the team coached me on the importance of mortgage flexibility and that there were many considerations beyond the interest rate. This flexibility has put me in a position to pay off my mortgage in half the time of the original amortization. If you are looking to purchase a new home or refinance, I can confidently recommend SPIN.

It was a pleasure working with Jeff and Spin on my mortgage. They were a great helper on getting the best rates for my mortgages – they really know the mortgage world and are able to find/offer a solution that best suits my needs.

Aug 6th 2015

Jeff and his team secured my wife and I an excellent rate. Jeff was always available to answer any of our questions and made the purchase process seamless. I would recommend Spin Mortgage to all of my Family and Friends.

We've used the services of Spin Mortgage twice in 2 years and they've been awesome! Jeff is really great at getting you the best rate and makes the process really easy, even if you are not from Vancouver. We closed on two mortgages and we live in Calgary. Every time someone mentions "mortgage" I let them know about Jeff and Spin.

Spin Mortgage was an awesome mortgage company to deal with. Jeff has been our mortgage broker for a few years now and it's always a pleasure dealing with him and team. They were prompt, efficient and reliable. As first time buyers, it can be very intimidating and confusing, but Jeff made us understand what we needed to do to prepare us during the application process. Now that we’ve sold and bought another new home they’ve helped us again with getting us the best rate and ensuring we have everything in order prior to our closing date. We recommend Spin to all our friends and family and highly recommend to anyone looking for the best rate and mortgage team.

I got in touch with these guys a few months back and Jeff and the crew has been nothing but a great help and are extremely fast at responding to any concerns and questions I had. They also had the lowest rates on mortgages and I did not find the terms anymore restrictive than ones from the banks. I would highly recommend these guys!

Easy going and great to work with. Thanks for being patient and for helping with the purchase of my first home without a realtor!

I’m in the process of setting up my third mortgage with Jeff and Spin Mortgage. It’s always been a smooth process with good advice along the way and, most importantly, the best rates I’ve seen. Thanks, guys!

These guys are extremely good. Best rates out there and very reliable.