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A great mortgage is more than just a low rate. See below for our lowest rates but get in touch with us for an accurate quote. We’ll help you discover the best mortgage product for your life.

2.39 %
5 Year Fixed


Up to 25 Years Amortization

Owner Occupied

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0.99 %
3 Year Variable

No Restrictions

Up to 25 Years Amortization

Owner Occupied

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What You Need to Know About Mortgage Rates

Learn the basics to get the mortgage you deserve

We Have Better Rates

It’s true, we have better rates than our competitors. But, more important is the reason why. Our banks know that we get deals done. We know mortgage products inside out, and we get to know our clients with the same integrity. When we submit an application we are confident that our clients will likely qualify. Rejected applications waste bank's valuable time. They appreciate that we have such a high success rate and reward us with lower rates and better mortgage products, which we then share with you!

Good Features Trump Low Rates

Don’t let low rates distract you from the details. Features and restrictions will determine whether a mortgage is the right fit for you. Pay attention to terms like cash-back, claw backs, prepayment penalties, or bonafide sales clauses (Yuck!). Feeling lost? Rest assured, we’ll decipher the techy bits and help you find a mortgage that fits just right.

You Can Save Your Rate for up to 120 Days

Our job is to always be ready for you to say go! Once you’ve submitted an application we get right to work. We will talk with various lenders and negotiate the best rate and product to match your mortgage plans. When you accept the offered rate (and mortgage product), it can then be held for up to 120 days. Bonus, if the rate drops even lower in that time period we will match that too! Get your application started so we can find the lowest rate and best product that you need!

Translating Fixed vs. Variable

Two terms you should truly comprehend. With a fixed rate the interest will not change throughout the mortgage term. With a variable rate the interest will fluctuate throughout the mortgage term. While it’s easy to switch from variable to fixed, going the other way- from fixed to variable, will be much more costly. Keep these terms in mind when low mortgage rates pop into your periphery. A good mortgage is much more than just a low rate. We can help you clarify what matters most in your ideal mortgage search.

Know the Difference: Terms vs. Amortization

More mortgage terms that are often confused, rarely understood. We value empowering you to understand your mortgage. Terms refers to how long you will have the mortgage rate, usually 1-10 years. Amortization, on the other hand, is how long you will take to pay off your mortgage. The maximum amortization period is 30 years. Still a bit fuzzy? We’re here to translate all this mortgage lingo into a language you can understand.

We Are Mortgage Brokers Not Lenders

Spin Mortgage is a team of residential lending experts. We have a meticulous understanding of the current market and an equally broad knowledge base. The mortgage we help you secure is a loan from one of our trusted lenders who we have been harmoniously working with since 1998. Our job is to combine our passion for helping people with our mortgage smarts to get you the best possible mortgage product.

Our Trusted Lenders

We choose responsible lenders that offer transparent and competitive mortgage products, so you can borrow with confidence.

Scotia Bank
TD Bank
First National

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