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Affordability Calculator - How much can you afford?
  • Affordability Calculator
    Affordability Calculator

    Your total income from all sources, before taxes and other deductions.


    The combined balance of all your credit cards.


    Your monthly car loan payment.


    The combined balance of all your lines of credit.


    Your monthly payment for any other debts.


    The annual property tax payment.


    The estimated monthly payment for the condo or strata.


    The amount of money you intend to use for a down payment, as a percentage of the purchase price. It must be at least 5% of the purchase price of the property you intend to finance.


    Howdy, Stranger!

    With an annual income of $a value you need to enter, and a down payment of a value you need to enter%, you can afford a mortgage with Spin Mortgage Canada up to not calculated yet.!


    Fill in the fields and hit calculate - we'll let you know what you can afford!

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