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Ryan Araujo

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Ryan has spent the last decade working in sales, finance and marketing and started with SPIN in 2015. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mortgage financing from his experience working for both major banks and small companies. He’s lived on Vancouver Island since 2008 and calls Victoria home with his wife, 4 yr old son, and big slobbery dog. Ryan’s an avid soccer player, biker, and hiker, enjoys playing golf, and loves spending as much time as possible on or near the water.

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Felix L.

Even though there are many, many mortgage brokers that have a physical presence in my area, I continue to use Spin Mortgage three time zones away for my mortgage needs. Their team members (especially Ryan) are excellent to work with. They will take their time to explain all of the options and help you decide on the best mortgage based on your needs and desired features (keep in mind that the rate isn't everything). The team is highly efficient and quick to respond to you. For mortgages that needed appraisals, they even reimbursed the appraisal fees. Keep up the great work and excellent service!


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Our focus has always been to provide the best mortgage experience possible. We are heavily invested in technology and continually innovate to ensure the process is efficient and successful. We combine our technical, online expertise with the personal approach to mortgages that we have become known for.