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We support a healthy work-life balance.

The name SPIN came from our love for mountain biking and cycling in general. Our day begins and ends on a bike and this is where our best ideas are conceptualized. Our co-founders have have over 30 years of combined experience in all aspects of residential real estate & financing. We started SPIN based on the simple idea that strong borrowers deserve the best rate.

We believe that lending should be merit based. The mortgage process should be transparent, so why isn’t it? The internet has brought a rapid increase of brokers and banks advertising rates that are unattainable or undesirable, with no clear reasoning behind the numbers. Our simple goal is to provide the best rate based on merit in the most transparent way possible.

How We Work

You’ll get the advice & support you need.

In the mortgage business, there are two prominent models: full service and self-service. Full service generally entails a formal sit-down meeting to discuss process, advice, rates, family, weather, etc. We did this for a long time. It’s time consuming for everyone and comes at higher rate. Self-service offers a do-it-yourself approach, with none of the benefits of full service at a (sometimes) discount rate. It sounds appealing to some, but doesn’t work for the majority of borrowers. After years in the industry, we found we didn’t really believe in either model, so we launched SPIN.

At SPIN, you will get advice. You will get the best rates. You will get the support you need to thoroughly understand everything. You won’t have to schedule (or sit through) a face-to-face meeting. This lets us operate as efficiently as possible to pass on our volume discounts to you, to consistently offer the best rate. It’s simple. We give you the best of both worlds.

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