We’re an online mortgage brokerage with licensing offices in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and have been operating since 1998. We handle one of the largest annual per-broker volumes in Canada through our online platform – which we have invested in heavily to deliver a mortgage process that is intuitive and easy for our customers.

We provide clients with the freedom they need to access mortgages on their terms by helping them apply online, eliminating the need to arrange meetings or travel. We talk directly with you over the phone and have helped thousands of Canadians secure great mortgage rates.

Why the name SPIN?

We love bikes and all things bike-related. During our development phase, our team was enjoying a ride up Mount Fromme in North Vancouver and the idea for the name landed. It made sense to us and seemed to encapsulate a lot of our client philosophies of long-term, repeat client relationships and full-service. We still start and finish most days on our bikes and most of our great ideas are conceived on two wheels.

How Spin Mortgage Works

Our service is provided through our quick apply form that can typically be filled out in about five to ten minutes. We also provide phone support to help you through the process and will discuss your paperwork with you to ensure everything is in order.

By providing our services online, we’re able to eliminate much of the costly overhead that can drive up service fees in traditional brokerage offices. The digital application also allows for a quicker response to your application, and you can typically find out how much you qualify for in an hour or two. Our platform is secure and intuitive, allowing you to access a mortgage without the headaches of aggressive sales pitches or confusing paperwork.

Clients are our main focus and we’ve helped thousands of individuals and families across Canada secure mortgages with ease. Getting you the best rates available with as little hassle as possible is our goal every time – and we are happy to answer questions at any time.

We are focused on efficiency and integrity – and we value our clients’ time and lifestyle.