Whether you’re a seasoned buyer or a first-timer, being up to speed on the process of purchasing a home can help save you money and provide a more enjoyable experience. To help, we’ve outlined the basic process that will ensure your experience is as seamless as possible. We’ve also answered many of the common questions homebuyers have.

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Before You Get Started

One very important consideration is to ensure you that you have a competent group of professionals working for you. This includes mortgage brokers and bankers, realtors, lawyers, appraisers, inspectors, insurance agents and several other potential services. Each individual on your team plays a key role in the purchase of your home – and if everyone works together, it will create a seamless process that is exciting and enjoyable.

As such, we suggest that you consider the following questions and apply them to your search when building your team, including your choice for mortgage broker.

Remember: the most important person in this process is you, the purchaser, so it’s important to select people that are a good fit.

Key Questions for Potential Team Members:

  1. How long has the individual been in the business?
  2. How much volume do they do annually?
  3. Is their website easy to understand?
  4. Are they able to answer your questions?
  5. Are they up to date with industry trends and regulations?
  6. Do they have online reviews?
  7. Is their process laid out clearly?
  8. Will they offer unbiased advice or do they charge a fee for every interaction?
  9. Have they ever had a mortgage as an individual?
  10. Do you know someone who’s worked with them that can give you a personal recommendation?
  11. Are they able to connect you with other professionals involved in the process with good reviews?

Often times, your home buying team will be with you for years, as you move onto your second, third or fourth purchases. It’s a lifelong relationship that can pay dividends.

Advice, understanding and friendly service are the backbone of everything we do at Spin Mortgage and we’re excited by the chance to help you get into your home.

Articles for Purchasing

The real estate industry is in constant flux, and whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, it’s important to be informed about any changes. We’ve compiled a series of articles that will keep you up to speed.